Panic Hardware

Panic Hardware Applications

EN 1125

The main purpose of the performance requirements of this standard is to give safe and effective escape through a doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of the device.


EN 179

This standard covers devices to be used in emergency situations where people are familiar with the emergency exit and its hardware and therefore a panic situation is most unlikely to develop.

EN 1125 Panic Function

296 Single Panic Push Bar Single Latch

EN 1125 – panic applications

The Exidor 296 is designed for single and double door applications. The unit is operated by a downward thrust of the cross bar to give a speedy exit in panic situations.

285 Double Panic Push Bar with Single Latch & 2 Point Bolt

EN 1125 – panic applications 

The Exidor 285 for rebated double doors is a complete package consisting of panic latch, a panic bolt and a box keep. 

297 Push Pad Single Latch

EN 179 – panic applications

The Exidor 297 is a surface mounted rim latch for single and double door applications. Simply depressing the pad provides safe and speedy exit in the event of an emergency, whilst maintaining security against intrusion. 

Outside Access

322EC Lever Operated Outside Access Device

  • The Exidor 322 offers a lever operated outside access device that meets the dimensional requirements of BS8300 and approved Document “M” (EA).
  • The 322 is supplied with 3 keys and has the advantage that a master keyed 45mm Euro profile cylinder can be used. The 322 offers access from the outside of the door.
  • The 322EC works with the 296, 285 and 297 push bars/pad (above)


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