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Inspiring Confidence & Trust

  • Manufactured in the Northern Ireland
  • Fast turnaround and delivered throughout the UK & Ireland
  • CE marked, certified product
  • Innovation award winner with Patent Pending design
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Smart Fit, Smart Design

  •  Choice - 7 standard colours plus 2 wood effect colours
  •  Secure - 3-pin dead bolt lock and four stainless steel hinges with top and bottom hinges security-pinned
  •  Confidence - 1 year Commercial & 2 year Residential warranty
  •  Fast - Fits in around fifteen minutes


Dedicated to raising quality and reducing install times.

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Project -



Having looked at Affresol's requirements we were able to develop a range of size & colour options with a new designed frame option that suited the installation of their particular buildings. We were also able to incorporate some addition features that would not have been possible with an off-the-shelf product. 

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Manufactured in Northern Ireland, delivering throughout the UK & Ireland

Manufactured in Northern Ireland, delivering throughout the UK & Ireland

2 year Warranty

1 year Commercial &
2 Year Residential Warranty

Fast Installation (Avg turnaround time)

Fits in just 15 minutes

Committed to safety with full CE Mark

Tested and CE Marked

Patented logo

Patented design no. GB2530590

The UK & Ireland’s First Choice for Quality & Value Steel Doors