Closers & Options


Arrone AR5200 Heavy Duty Closer

Spring Power Adjustable Overhead Closer

  • Adjustable power size 2 – 5
  • Backcheck facility
  • Slide Cover
  • CE Marked to EN 1154

Carlisle Brass CDG003 Medium Duty Closer

Fixed Power Compact Overhead Closer

  • CE Marked to EN 1154 
  • EN Power 3
  • Adjustable closing speed and latch action

Reinforcing Plates for Closers

Doors, when ordered with a closer, are prepared with reinforcing plates and nutserts for ease of installation.

EN Closer power settings

Within EN 1154 seven closer power ratings are identified according to the maximum door leaf weight and width.

These are theoretical figures and the final closing power of any door closing device will be subject to any number of variables such as:

  • Accuracy of closer installation
  • Accuracy of door installation
  • Friction in hinges
  • Negative or positive air pressure

Because of such variables, the specification of an adjustable door closer is recommended to allow for site variables.

Within the detail of BS 8300 and Approved Document M of Building Regulations, there is a requirement to achieve low opening forces to satisfy the need for easy and universal accessibility.


Part L Compliant

Thumb turn

Door are available with a thumb turn as an option.

Part L Compliant

CL500 code lock with Exidor push pad - option 1

The CL500 Code Lock works in conjunction with the Exidor 297 Push Pad as shown.


Part L Compliant

CL500 code lock with CL525 mortice lock - option 2

CL500 that incorporates an internal handle and can be used for open-in scenarios.

National Key Scheme

Door are available with a National Key Scheme lock set that can only be operated by using special NKS or RADAR keys.

Access is by key and ‘D’ handle pull bar, internally, locking is with an accessibility lever handle. A stainless steel grab rail is included to be fitted internally.

Standard Lock, Lever Set, Stainless Steel Exterior ‘D’ Handle and Stainless Steel Internal Grab Rail

Child Finger Protection Guards

Finger protection strips are anti-trapping devices that protect children’s fingers at the most dangerous side of the door: the hanging side.

  • FP90 for the Push Side
  • FP50 for the Pull Side  

Finger protection strips are tested to the new British Standard: BS 8613:2017 Finger protection devices for pedestrian doors.

Tested to Class 2 Device classification of this standard: products which prevent access to the gap when force is used, or eliminate the gap.

Tested to Grade 4 (240 hours neutral salt spray exposure) in accordance with BS EN 1690:007 Building Hardware – Corrosion Resistance.


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