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The Affresol range of secure sheds and enclosures are robust and sustainable, providing an environmentally friendly, low maintenance and highly durable solution for outdoor storage. These units are manufactured from TPR® and are 92% recyclable at the end of life.

Affresol secure Sheds and Enclosures are:-

  • Available in various colours & sizes.
  • Fire retardant and rot resistant.
  • Waterproof & maintenance free

Initially Pass Door Systems engaged with Affresol in a consultative manner to look at new improved door solutions for Affresol that were designed around their buildings rather than as companies often do …working with a generic door product.

The Affresol TPR® sheds are a quality product often pitched at government contracts due to their durability and inherent green credentials. From the outset the quality and security of the shed door product could not be compromised when looking at this project – only enhanced if and where possible.

Having looked at Affresol’s requirements we were able to develop a range of size & colour options with a new designed frame option that suited the installation of their particular buildings. We were also able to incorporate some addition features that would not have been possible with an off-the-shelf product.