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<h1>Prefabricated</h1><h1>Concrete Buildings</h1><p>High Quality Steel Doors</p>


Concrete Buildings

High Quality Steel Doors

A brilliant solution for access to your garage or any outside building.

Built To Last

Steel Construction

Corrosion protected exterior grade steel adds strength ensuring many years of use

Made To Measure

Perfect Fit

Available in standard sizes these doors can also be made to your specifications

Security Guard

Secure Locking

3-pin dead bolt lock and with top and bottom hinges security-pinned provide robust, dependable security

Designer Style

4 Styles & 9 Colour Options

In addition to the classic flush door, alternative designs and finishes are available.

Promise Plus

Dependable Warranties

DuraPass doors come with a 5 year residential warranty.

Secure by Design

ERA locking ensures you have dependable security

Dual latch ERAtm centre locks and hardened, galvanized twin hook latches complete the four-point locking that is standard on every door.

CE marked for safety and tested to the latest European safety legislation.

Proven durability

All DuraPass doors are pre-framed and feature corrosion resistant hinges, powder coated for longevity and spot riveted for extra strength. Robust, alloy door lock handles provide extra security and are manufactured to a high standard.

Explore Smart Fit steel doors for Garages

Pass Door Systems

Dedicated to raising quality and reducing install times.

If you would like to learn more about Pass Door Fast Fit Steel Door Solutions
or arrange an initial discussion regarding your requirements, talk to our design team:

Manufactured in Northern Ireland, delivering throughout the UK & Ireland

Manufactured in Northern Ireland, delivering throughout the UK & Ireland

2 year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Fast Installation (Avg turnaround time)

Fits in just 15 minutes

Committed to safety with full CE Mark

Tested and CE Marked

Patented logo

Patented design no. GB2530590

The UK & Ireland’s First Choice for Quality & Value Steel Doors